Why book with Boatico?

Because Boatico understands your needs

Boatico was founded by Ivo Naydenov, a passionate sailor. Over the years he has gained a lot of experience in cruising and racing. But more importantly, he has spent over 15 years on the customer side – finding and booking boats worldwide. Boatico knows exactly what your problems are and where there’s room for improvement.

That’s why he has tailored his services to the needs of his customers. From providing detailed information about the boats to offering a choice of charter options and flexible payment plans, Boatico strives to make sailing accessible to everyone.

Boatico also helps with pre- and post-charter preparation, to improve business.

Because we add value for free

Chartering a yacht is not like booking a hotel room. There is a lot to know, consider and prepare. Boatico provides you with additional sailing information to help you throughout the process. We are here to help you with the charter contract, payment, skipper booking, getting to the boat, marina deposit, food supply, itinerary planning, weather forecast, destination details and sightseeing opportunities.

Because we have the most modern tool for chartering a boat

The main idea behind the platform is to give experienced skippers and sailing novices the best tool to find not only one of 10,500 boats, but the one that best suits their needs, quickly and efficiently. Our website is at the forefront of technology, supporting customers with an intuitive interactive design, great search filters, tons of information, a sailing blog and 24/7 customer support via chat, email and phone.

Because transparency is part of our value system

As sailors, or just people who love what we do, trust is important to us. We approach each and every enquiry with vigour and personal commitment. Boatico offers the boat operator’s original price with no extra charges. We want to be transparent, straightforward and consistent in what we do. It’s the only way to ensure a trusting relationship between us and our customers.

Book your sailing adventure with Boatico with no extra fees or complications! We are open and fair to the client, but also to the boat owner, focusing on gaining their trust. We value transparency. That’s why distorting facts or using marketing tricks just for a short-term win is a no-go at Boatico.

Because we only work with verified boat operators

To ensure a successful sailing holiday and to avoid any inconvenience for our customers, we only work with professionals. Boatico only works with verified bases and boat operators. These are partners who work professionally at the marina reception desk, when choosing your skipper, during check-in and check-out, and provide top technical maintenance of the boats.

Because we offer financial security to our clients

Boatico does not offer boats that could be a financial risk for you. Our own company and our entire yacht pool (all charter partners and their boats) are insured against insolvency by EIS – European Insurance & Services. Boatico is also approved and trusted by Yacht Pool International – the most important financial guarantee for yacht charter companies and agents.

Because we offer solutions in cases of force majeure

Helping our sailors choose and book their favourite boat is no longer enough. With Boatico you can also book the best possible insurance for your needs. This way you remain flexible and can cancel at any time with a 100% refund. We offer a range of professional skipper insurance through Yacht Pool or all-in travel insurance including Covid-19 from EIS.

Because we believe in the future of eco-friendly tourism

Apart from mass tourism or hotel complexes, enjoying nature and getting by with little is the best thing you can do today from an ecological point of view. We can only prove that a sailing holiday is the most private and special way to spend quality time with family or close friends. This type of holiday offers the perfect opportunity for relaxation and retreat or adventure and exploration. It is a boost – for your health and your spirit. That’s why Boatico promotes sailing over other types of holidays.

We are here to help you find your boat and go on a wonderful journey! So what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and book with Boatico today! Make your dream come true. Feel free, be independent and explore the open sea! Let the

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