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About Us | Boatico
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About Us

How it all started

Our Mission

We love what we do & do what we love!


In 2008 we fell in love with sailing. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in cruising, racing and regattas. Besides the athletic aspect, it was important to us to raise our children close to nature. From an early age, they learned what it means to take responsibility, to live in harmony with the tides, and that some things only work as a team.

For more than ten years we searched and booked boats as customers. This was not always an easy task! Many boats could not be found online and communication was often tiresome and impersonal. We spent countless evenings complaining about the situation. So we decided to take matters into our own hands. We wanted to find a way to get experienced skippers and sailing rookies, on the boat that was best for them, quickly and efficiently. 


No sooner said than done. For the last few years, we used every sailing trip and every spare minute to build partnerships with the best companies in the industry. The next step was our search platform. On all relevant data is brought together. All our heart and soul goes into this platform, which we are constantly trying to improve. 


But: the most important thing for us is the connection to the people. We see personal consultation as the basis of our work. By processing every single request manually, we can give you individual tips and tricks for sailing in addition to the actual booking. Our know-how of many years is a bonus service for free. We do our best to build a stable and lasting relationship with each and every customer. At we offer fair prices, directly from the suppliers. We pay special attention to your security. Be it in the exchange of data or your payment. 


We do not pretend to be the world’s biggest or world’s best boat charter company. But we promise competent advice resulting from years of experience. We believe in organization, transparency and trust. With fair prices, flexibility and a smile on our faces, we want to plan the perfect boat trip together with you. 


Lili and Ivo


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