Everything you need to know about boat booking

  • How do I book a boat on boatico.com?

    1. Choose your travel destination. You can choose a country, a sailing area or a specific marine base.
    2. Enter your desired vacation time. Please note that boats can mainly be booked from Saturday to Saturday. If you decide otherwise, additional costs may arise.
    3. Select the boat type (and the length of the boat).
    4. If you choose a bareboat, you definitely need a skipper certificate and possibly a Short Range Certificate.
    5. If you don’t have the necessary documents or don’t want to take responsibility for the boat and the passengers, you can book a skipper.
    6. In order to get an exact price offer, you must also specify the additional services.(skipper, hostess, animal on board, safety net, dinghy, outboard motor etc.)
    7. By pressing the “Get an offer” button you are sending us a non-binding inquiry.
    8. We will send you an offer with all the necessary information and prices. This offer is valid for 3 days.
    9. If you confirm it, you are obligated to pay and you’ll receive a booking confirmation from us including the payment conditions.
    10. Some boat operators require a charter contract too. It must be signed by us as an agent and you as a customer. You will receive an email from us with an attachment to fill out and sign.
  • How and when do I have to pay?

    1. The first payment must be made by bank transfer within 5 days after receiving the booking confirmation.
    2. The rest of the payment must be made by bank transfer 30 days before the trip.
      You will receive a payment reminder from us on time.
    3. If the trip begins within one month of booking, you must transfer 100% of the total price.
    4. You will receive an invoice from the boat operator at the marine base.
    5. Cancellation Policy:
      Cancellation after the first payment will be charged with 50% of the total amount.
      Cancellation after the second payment will be charged 100% of the total amount.
  • Is the boat insured? What to do in case of damage?

    1. Yes! All charter boats are insured by the boat’s owner.
    2. A security deposit is required when the boat is handed over. (The amount will be noted in the first offer) This must be provided by credit card or cash.
    3. Boat damage must be reported to the boat operator immediately. Document exactly what happened! A damage report will be made by the boat operator: Skipper / What, where and how did it happen / weather conditions / photos of the damage.
    4. An invoice for the repair will be handed to you by the boat operator. The invoice amount will be deducted from the deposit.
    5. If you booked a skipper, he is responsible for the damage.
  • How does the boat handover at the marina work?

    1. You will receive the name and address of the boat operator from us on time. You must prepare your passport, skipper ID and the deposit for the boat and show these documents in the operator’s office.
    2. You will wait on the boat for the responsible employee and take over the boat with him.
    3. The boat operator will provide you a checklist. You have to go through it carefully and confirm everything. Please take your time and look carefully at everything. If something is missing or broken – report immediately!
    4. The same procedure happens at the check-out when you return the boat to the boat operator. If everything is fine you’ll get the full deposit back.
  • How do I prepare my trip?

    In order to avoid unpleasant moments and risky situations on the boat, you have to prepare your trip well!

    1. Prepare the necessary documents, flight booking and transfers on time.
    2. Find out whether you need a visa or vaccinations for the chosen sailing area and take care of it early enough.
    3. Collect all important sailing information: weather, navigation and itineraries. Therefore you can check out our links!
    4. We will need a full crew list 30 days before your trip.
    5. A vacation on a boat can be relaxing, adventurous or sporty. No matter what you choose, all participants must be in good physical and psychological condition!
    6. If somebody gets seriously ill or injured on the boat, head to the next larger marina or city immediately. Don’t wait and don’t try to find medical help on smaller islands or villages!
      The skipper is obligated to dial the emergency number and seek help at the charter operator.
  • What should I take with me on the boat?

    Check-out our packing list PDF.