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Boatico is an official partner of Hamburger Yacht-Insurance Schomacker and Yacht Pool International – the most renowned insurance companies for sailors.

Hamburger Yacht-Versicherung Schomacker

has over 50 years of experience. Their terms and conditions are practical and comprehensive. Personal and individual service is important to them. They want to advise you and take care of everything for you, from requesting a quote to settling a claim. And they offer good value for money. We understand the challenges and uncertainties that charter crews can face. That is why Hamburger Incurance Schomacker offers tailored insurance solutions. Insurance solutions that are specifically designed for chartering.

Overview of the main insurances:

Skipper`s Liability Insurance

Skipper’s Liability Insurance covers the statutory liability of the policyholder in his capacity as charterer and operator of a yacht – anywhere in the world. Charter vessels are usually covered by both third party liability and hull insurance. Skipper’s liability insurance is an important additional cover for the skipper and charter crew. In certain cases, the yacht’s liability or hull insurance may not provide coverage, or the amount or scope of coverage may be insufficient. These risks are covered by our skipper liability insurance.

Cancellation of travel costs insurance incl. curtailment of travel insurance

If the skipper is prevented from boarding the vessel as a result of an insured event/circumstance, the cost of the entire charter trip will be compensated, less the deductible. If a crew member is unable to board the boat, this insurance will pay the appropriate proportion of the compensation, less the deductible. Curtailment of the trip during the cruise is also covered.

The premium for travel cancellation insurance for 1 – 8 persons is calculated according to the price quoted, e.g. for a trip/charter price of €2,000 the premium starts at €78, for a price of €4,000 the premium is €151.

Charter deposit insurance

Charter yachts usually have comprehensive insurance. The charter company and its insurance company will usually have agreed a deductible (excess) to be paid in the event of a claim. The excess is usually equal to the security deposit paid by the charterer. If the yacht is damaged during the trip, the charter company is entitled to retain all or part of the security deposit. This bond insurance covers this financial risk. This bond insurance does not require an excess.

Skipper Passenger Accident Insurance

This insurance covers accidents suffered by the skipper or the skipper and crew (based on the crew list). In the event of injury, the sum insured will be divided between the registered persons. If only the skipper is insured, he is entitled to the full sum insured.

What to do in the event of a claim?

Inform the insurance company immediately by telephone or e-mail if a claim has been made. In any case, you are obliged to minimise the damage as much as possible, so we recommend that you always act as if you were not insured. In order for the insurance company to be able to help you quickly in the event of a claim and for the claim to be settled without complications, you will find all the information on what documents are required for the claims process HERE. Please send these to us immediately after the accident.

Emergency phone number: +49 40 36 98 49 49




Please provide a written description of the damage as soon as possible with the signatures of all parties who witnessed the damage. Please ask for our claim forms. Please also provide proof of premium payment. Please do not accept claims from third parties, but always request a substantiated statement from the claimant.

  1. please submit a written description of the claim as soon as possible with the signatures of all parties who witnessed the claim. Please ask for the claim forms.
  2. please also provide proof of premium payment.
  3. please do not accept third party claims, but always request a substantiated statement from the claimant.


  1. a copy of the charter contract with conditions and crew list.
  2. signed payment order if the claim is not to be paid to the policyholder (we can supply a form).
  3. medical report (please use the questionnaire you will receive from us in the event of a claim).
  4. any cancellation statement from the charter company.
  5. written confirmation from the skipper/insurer that no replacement has been found for the cancelled person or written confirmation from the charter company that the yacht could not be chartered to another party.
  6. proof of payment of the charter fee.
  7. where applicable, proof of the share of the charter fee paid.
  8. account number and bank details.


  1. a copy of the charter party.
  2. proof of insolvency or inability to pay.
  3. written confirmation from the charter company that no suitable chartered vessel is available.
  4. account number and bank details.
  5. proof of payment of the charter price.


  1. Damage report to be submitted no later than one month after the end of the cruise.
  2. original bond.
  3. copy of the charter contract and conditions, crew list.
  4. proof of deposit paid (original receipt).
  5. Copy of the skipper’s licence required for the sailing area.
  6. a letter from the charter company stating the amount retained and the reason for retention. Please check the amount and sign the correct statement.
  7. detailed description of the damage with clear photographs.
  8. copy of the police report in case of theft, especially if the dinghy has been stolen.
  9. account number and bank details.

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Skipper insurances by Yacht Pool

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Yacht-Pool International is the undisputed professional in terms of specialized skipper insurances in Europe. Here you will find the full list of insurances by Yacht Pool.

Skipper´s liability Insurance

This essential insurance protects you against liability for personal injury to crew members, voyage participants, or third parties. As a skipper, you are personally liable for any damage culpably caused to other people or property with your present and future assets. Yacht-Pool covers even damage to the chartered yacht caused by gross negligence.

Skipper´s accident insurance

The skipper bears the full responsibility for the crew and material on deck. However, the liability insurance does not take effect if there is no culpability or the injured party is a family member. With this insurance, you are covered in all these cases too. Even if you get into distress at high sea, the salvage costs are covered depending on the selected sum insured.

Charter deposit insurance

If any boat damage occurs, the charter deposit will be used by the boat owner to repair the boat and will not be refunded. If this deposit is insured, it will also be refunded in case of damage on board. The Yacht-Pool deposit insurance provides unlimited cover for a whole year – worldwide!

Charter cancellation insurance

This insurance takes effect if the skipper or a crew member cannot start the trip because he or a family member is unwell or if the skipper becomes unavailable and no suitable replacement can be found. If two persons have booked together and one is unable to undertake the trip, the other party can withdraw his or her booking.

Skipper´s legal Protection

This insurance provides legal protection in connection with the assertion of claims for damages arising from private liability claims related to the yacht management and in criminal proceedings arising from a boat accident. Skipper and crew have legal protection worldwide!

Consequential damages

There is a risk that you will cause damage to the chartered vessel, with the result that it is not ready for use in time for the next charter. Regress claims may be made against you for the loss of the charter business either for legal reasons or because of the charter contract.

Confiscation of a vessel

In the event of actual or suspected criminal activities, the vessel may be impounded by the relevant authorities. Our bail deposit of up to €52,000 can ensure a temporary stay of prosecution. Confiscation may have significant financial consequences for you if the boat is not available for further chartering.

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