We care for your safety. But we care for your money too.

Boatico is an official partner of EIS / European Insurance Services and Yacht Pool International – the most renowned insurance companies for sailors.

  • As soon as you book your yacht with us, you will receive a link for the booking of an insurance for your sailing trip. You would book and pay your insurance directly to the insurance company. This is, of course, not obligatory but we highly recommend it.
  • With only 3% – 10% additional cost, depending on the insurance you want to make, you and your crew will be insured. In case you (or a crew member) want to cancel or need to interrupt the trip, your travel expenses will be refunded.

The EIS Travel Cancellation Insurance

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EIS – European Insurance Services is one of the best travel, skipper & crew insurance companies in Europe.The company offers diverse packages, including a Covid_19 insurance.

We recommend the Travel Cancellation Insurance by EIS, because it covers the total vacation price. You can add to the yacht charter cost the expenses for the skipper, the flights as well as eventual hotel accommodation by the arrival and/or departure for all named persons, participating the cruise. If you (or a crew member) have to cancel or interrupt the sailing trip, the relevant costs will be reimbursed by the insurance company.

Reasons for the cancellation

  • Death or bad accident
  • Unexpectedly serious illness of the insured person or of a family member living with him 
  • Death of a 1st degree relative
  • Insured person’s intolerance to vaccination
  • Pregnancy of the insured
  • Substantial damage to the property of the insured person as a result of fire, deliberate crime by a third party, force majeure
  • Unpredictable unemployment of the insured

Covid_19 Illness included

The EIS travel cancellation insurance includes the acute illness of Covid-19 as an insured risk, in case of non-commencement or termination of the journey, justified by a positive Covid-19 test.

How much does it cost?

The premium is calculated according to the total charter price and is 4% including skipper loss and 3% without skipper loss. There is no better offer in our industry!

Additional EIS Insurances

  • Ext. 3rd-Party Insurance for Skippers
  • Professional Skipper Liability Insurance
  • Deposit Insurance for Chartered Yachts
  • Charter Price Contingency Insurance
  • Skipper & Crew insurance packages
  • Travel Health Insurance
  • SeaHelp CharterPass

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If you prefer personal advice for your insurance, please contact Mr. Boris Maricevic +49 178 214 82 18


Skipper insurances by Yacht Pool

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Yacht-Pool International is the undisputed professional in terms of specialized skipper insurances in Europe. Here you will find the full list of insurances by Yacht Pool.

Skipper´s liability Insurance

This essential insurance protects you against liability for personal injury to crew members, voyage participants, or third parties. As a skipper, you are personally liable for any damage culpably caused to other people or property with your present and future assets. Yacht-Pool covers even damage to the chartered yacht caused by gross negligence.

Skipper´s accident insurance

The skipper bears the full responsibility for the crew and material on deck. However, the liability insurance does not take effect if there is no culpability or the injured party is a family member. With this insurance, you are covered in all these cases too. Even if you get into distress at high sea, the salvage costs are covered depending on the selected sum insured.

Charter deposit insurance

If any boat damage occurs, the charter deposit will be used by the boat owner to repair the boat and will not be refunded. If this deposit is insured, it will also be refunded in case of damage on board. The Yacht-Pool deposit insurance provides unlimited cover for a whole year – worldwide!

Charter cancellation insurance

This insurance takes effect if the skipper or a crew member cannot start the trip because he or a family member is unwell or if the skipper becomes unavailable and no suitable replacement can be found. If two persons have booked together and one is unable to undertake the trip, the other party can withdraw his or her booking.

Skipper´s legal Protection

This insurance provides legal protection in connection with the assertion of claims for damages arising from private liability claims related to the yacht management and in criminal proceedings arising from a boat accident. Skipper and crew have legal protection worldwide!

Consequential damages

There is a risk that you will cause damage to the chartered vessel, with the result that it is not ready for use in time for the next charter. Regress claims may be made against you for the loss of the charter business either for legal reasons or because of the charter contract.

Confiscation of a vessel

In the event of actual or suspected criminal activities, the vessel may be impounded by the relevant authorities. Our bail deposit of up to €52,000 can ensure a temporary stay of prosecution. Confiscation may have significant financial consequences for you if the boat is not available for further chartering.

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