The dream of a sailing vacation with the whole family has finally come true. It seems like this is the perfect vacation. The kids are busy jumping into the water all day and in the evening they are so tired that they voluntarily go to sleep. Meanwhile, the parents have some time to themselves. Mom can finally finish reading that novel she started two years ago. Dad enjoys the sweet doing nothing and works on his perfect summer tan. But then clouds gather in the sky, rain pattering down on the still pale belly of the family father. There goes the relaxed family vacation. Not with us! Don’t worry, we’ve thought of everything. In the following article we have seven ideas of what you can do with the family in bad weather “situations”.

7 days 7 bad weather activities

Worst Case: You have a week of vacation planned and on none of those seven days does the sun shine strong enough for a dip in the cool water. Even though we’re pretty sure this won’t happen, we’ve come up with some alternatives that are guaranteed to be fun, all sunshine-free.

Hide and seek boat edition

Besides being fun, this game is also educational and can be life-saving in extreme cases. The hide and seek game rules are probably familiar to everyone. One person counts, the others hide. Boat edition: Before the game there is a detailed boat tour by the skipper. He explains all the parts of the boat and what their task is. After that they hide. When everyone is found, each member of the family has to explain in which part of the boat he or she hid and what this part of the boat is good for. This way, especially children get a feeling for the boat in a playful way.

Cards on the table

It may sound unimaginative, but card games are among the most popular games for a reason. They fit in any travel bag, are multifunctional and fun to play. Whether it’s poker cards, Uno or Skipbo, don’t forget to pack your favorite cards. It will make a rainy afternoon go by faster than you think. Boatico tip: invent your own rules or even a whole new game with it.

Time for a stroll through the city

Spent the last two days playing, but the weather just isn’t getting any better? Time for a visit to the shore. Wherever you are sailing, the next land adventure is waiting for you. Depending on the weather, you can visit various attractions that the islands and cities have to offer. In any case, we recommend ending your day trip with a scoop of ice cream. For sightseeing tips, read one of our blog posts about the particular itinerary you have chosen.

The taste of vacation

How about a three-course meal, with typical dishes of the country or region you are sailing in? Make it an event and cook together with the children. Each from the family must first research a dish, write down the ingredients for it and then you shop together. Depending on how complicated the dishes are, each can cook their own part, or all cook together.

Ghost Stories and Blanket Fort

Depending on the age of your kids, it doesn’t have to be a ghost story, of course. We suggest you grab all the blankets and pillows in your rental boat and build a cozy cave. Because everyone knows, stories are much better told in a blanket fort. The best way to do this is, of course, to make up your own fairy tales, but in a pinch you can also use a book.

Sea Cinema

Any bad weather program, of course, includes a movie night. So in any case, remember to bring a laptop or other electronic device. It’s best to download the movies before you leave, because internet reception on the boat can be tricky. A few snacks of your choice can not hurt either.

City, Country, Waters

No game is as educational as good old City, Country, River. Since we are on a boat, we suggest expanding the river category to include oceans as well. The best part is that it’s fun for everyone from young to old and can also be customized for any age group. Your child is even younger? Just stick with city, country, waters, animal and name. Teenagers on board? How about the historical person category? Or would you rather go with something fun like Cheese? There are no limits to your imagination here.

We would like to hear your stories

All these ideas can of course also be used in brilliant sunshine. Either outside on deck or as an evening program. In any case, always remember that you are on vacation. Let the children also be creative and find something to do themselves and relax. But if you follow our tips, you are guaranteed a great vacation ahead! We wish you a lot of fun. And don’t forget to tell us about your vacation, we are always very happy to hear about your experiences. Maybe next time you might give us a tip for our upcoming article?

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