Connecting end customers with boat providers easily and efficiently. That was the goal of Lili and Ivo when they launched their online booking platform for boats and yachts in 2020.

The idea…

…was born from a long passion for sailing. The couple has been sailing the oceans for more than 12 years. Their experience ranges from cruising to regatta racing. Sailing is an essential part of their lives. As clients, they searched for and booked boats worldwide, but it wasn’t always that easy. Until recently, digitalization was a foreign word among yacht providers, and bookings with yacht charter companies were often complicated and impersonal. Their vision: a boat charter company that takes care of your individual needs in a dynamic, competent and friendly way. With their dream in mind, the Boatico founders used every sailing vacation to build up contacts with small boat owners and large charter companies. It is exactly these personal relationships that allow us today to respond even more flexibly and quickly to your wishes. 

We love what we do and do what we love

We have access to the largest international yacht pool in the world. This allows us to offer over 9.000 boats and yachts at more than 400 naval bases in 45 different countries. We make sure that you get the boat of your dreams in an uncomplicated and safe way. How? It’s easy: You choose a sailboat, a catamaran, a motorboat, a cruiser or whatever you like on our website. You specify where you want to go, how long you want to stay and everything else you expect from your boat. This works very simply over the search mask. You send us a non-binding request and we look for the best offer possible for you. From here on you enjoy the full Boatico package, because: Your request is not automatically generated, but processed by hand. We check your details, look for alternatives if your desired boat is already gone and ask if something seems strange to us. For example, if you say you are a sailing beginner, but want to sail in an absolutely unsuitable area. Because what you always get with us is the truth. We will not tell you that you “can do it” if we have a stomach ache. Because every request is handled personally, you are more than just a number with us. We are there for you, from the moment you enter the boat until the moment you leave it.

The Team

We are a young, dynamic team that has made it our goal to provide you with the most memorable, fun and uncomplicated boating vacation. We are not call center employees who want to process bookings as fast as possible, but real people, with real ideas and real experiences. 

Lili and Ivo…

…are the masterminds behind Boatico. The couple loves to sail, especially with their twins Maya and Niko. Lili is a creative power woman with a hands-on mentality. What she brings to her mind, she accomplishes. Ivo is a man of numbers and knows his profession. As a skipper he draws from a wealth of experience that is priceless for your boating vacation. The two of them take care of a flawless handling of bookings, marketing, sales and anyway everything that comes up in the stressful daily office routine.

Janis and Sarah…

…are responsible for communication at Boatico. Social media content planning and creation, blog posts, press releases, everything to be read online as well as offline about Boatico went through their laptop. Janis is our Mr. Sunshine – bad mood is a foreign word for him. Water is definitely his favorite element. In winter in the form of snow, in summer it’s jumping into the cool water. Sarah also feels most at home near water. Whereby her passion is language, be it writing, singing or just talking endlessly.

With Boatico you are on the safe side

It is important to us that you feel completely safe with Boatico. That’s why the company has been audited and rated as trustworthy by Yacht Pool International, the most successful financial and insurance guarantee for yacht charter companies. Also with our insurance partner – the HanseMerkur insurance – you are covered for all eventualities. You can read more about our travel insurance in a separate blog post. 

Check out Instagram and Co.

What to take with you? Where is the most beautiful sailing route? What do I do in bad weather? We provide you with all the information you need for your perfect vacation. Be it here on our blog, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn, we provide you with nothing but anticipation. Even when it comes to choosing music, we have inspiration for you. Check out our channels and subscribe to stay up to date.

The Pandemic

The sails were set the wind was going in the right direction, but then a storm hit – Covid19 struck. But for Lili and Ivo it was clear: Nowhere is corona-safe traveling better to achieve than on a sailboat. And who doesn’t need a break from the pandemic? Nevertheless, we don’t want any risk for our customers, health is our first priority. We will tell you here in our blog, why we think a boat trip is still a good and above all safe idea. Stay tuned.

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