An oriental fairy tale where the luxury of Ottoman palaces meets ancient ruins. The exotic aroma of various spices, the rich taste of Turkish coffee and the warmth of the people will bring you a little piece of paradise straight to earth.

Are you ready to go on a little oriental adventure? Then we have just the right gulet trip for you. If you want to experience the magic of the real Turkey, you should definitely remove yourself from the rigid walls of the all-inclusive hotel. Renting a yacht in Turkey gives you the opportunity to experience the country like no one else – authentic, exciting and breathtaking. Renting a gulet means exploring previously undiscovered corners and swimming on forgotten beaches.

What you can expect on this trip

  • One week all-inclusive on a gulet incl. crew (restaurant visits are not included)
  • Route: Marmaris – Ekinchik Bay (Dalyan-Kaunos excursion possible) – Kapi Bay – Gocek – Fethiye – Gemiler Island (St. Nicholas Island) – Marmaris
  • Intensity: Suitable for beginners
  • Total length: 120 nautical miles

The Mediterranean city of Marmaris

The journey begins with your arrival at the small airport of Dalaman, which is about an hour and a half drive from Marmaris along a picturesque mountain road. From the airplane window, the view of the Mediterranean Sea, the Bay of Marmaris and the nearby islands opens up. The marina in Marmaris is impressive for its size. It hosts not only ships for rent, but also yachts owned by foreign tourists. Parking fees are moderate and there are many charter routes.

Let the adventure begin

We leave the city in a westerly direction and enter Ekincik Bay. Right at the pier there is a charming restaurant where you can also enjoy your dinner. Parking in Turkish marinas is different than in Europe. Since the gulet crew has already arranged a reservation at the restaurant, anchoring, mooring and water and electricity refueling are free of charge. 

Ekincik offers numerous possibilities. It is one of the more touristic areas, as Dalyan-Kaunos is easily accessible from here. There you can find the famous cave tombs of the ancient Lycians. If you are lucky and arrive at the right time, you can watch giant tortoises lay their eggs on a nearby sandy tongue. If you’d rather have a unique spa experience, consider a trip to the local springs. There you can take a sulfur bath and enjoy a pleasant healing mud treatment for yourself. Completely relaxed, you can then have dinner at the restaurant. It is located at the foot of a mountain and impresses with its extraordinary design. It is best to come in the early evening hours to experience the sunset. A view you will never forget. The sun’s rays turn the sea and the surrounding mountains golden and the water takes on a magical glow.

Time for some relaxation

After all the sightseeing in Ekincik, it’s time for some rest. In the bay of Kapi you can relax and enjoy nature. The small bay is a secluded place with a small restaurant, from which a hiking trail leads to the top of the mountain with a viewing platform.

After this little break, the path continues towards Göcek. Its main attraction are ancient tombs carved high into the rocks. The view of the tombs from the water is said to have a hypnotic effect.

In Göcek, as usual, the yacht moors near the restaurant. Fish and seafood are traditionally served there. A special highlight are the huge aquariums at the entrance of the restaurant, from which you can choose your fish with your index finger. Half an hour later, you will be handed it on an elegant plate surrounded by fresh vegetables.

The historical town of Fethiye

A must see on a charter from Marmaris is the city of Fethiye. It inspires with an impressive play of natural colors. The local mountains are covered with lush green and are reflected in the emerald green sea. Lonely sandy or pebbly beaches await you everywhere, inviting you to linger. The marina in Fethiye is the first and largest in the region. Everything is of the highest standard and furnished according to modern standards: Stores, restaurants, bars, showers and even a hammam. 

The history of the town dates back to the time of the ancient Greeks, who founded the place and gave it the name Telmes. The town has existed ever since. It owes its current name to the Turkish pilot Feti-Bey. The highlight of Fethiye is the fish market, where any marine reptiles and fish are sold, which are fried on the spot by the seller if needed. 

Around Fethiye are many uninhabited islands, scattered like pearls in the sea. We recommend a visit to Gemiler Island, also called St. Nicholas Island. For the historians among you, it is well worth the visit. Although you will be charged at the entrance. There you will find remarkably well preserved ancient ruins.

Even the most beautiful gulet trip comes to an end

From Fethiye, the yacht turns around and heads back towards Marmaris. On the way you will encounter many charming places, shady bays and ancient ruins. The local restaurants will offer you the finest delights of Turkish cuisine. Try traditional dishes such as lamb chops, kebabs, dolma, cheese or Turkish honey.

After the end of the boat trip, the hospitable Marmaris is worth spending a few days. The city is known for its nightlife, with countless bars and clubs. But also the market hall of Charshi is definitely worth a visit.

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