A summer like back then

It almost sounds a bit nostalgic, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t long for a summer like we knew it before the COVID-19 pandemic struck? You didn’t have to worry about how to greet your friends or family. You didn’t have to shy away from crowded bars and hotel pools. The fact is many things have changed compared to “before”. The focus is now very much on the issue of safe travel in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Outlook for summer 2021

The goal of the European vaccine strategy is a 70% vaccination coverage rate by summer 2021. After some setbacks in vaccine procurement, such as the delivery problems at AstraZeneca, this ambitious figure might be somewhat lower, but other factors have to be taken into account that will definitely play into the cards of all those who finally want to go on holiday again: 

  • In summer, many social interactions move back outside (lower risk of infection) 
  • The so-called risk groups should all be vaccinated by then, which leads to a lower utilisation of the intensive care units. 
  • More countries will rely on antigen testing strategies to get on top of the situation

Now to the point that is probably most relevant for you: The EU wants to realise a “GREEN PASS” by the summer, which is supposed to make the free movement of persons possible again. With this passport, which can be obtained either through regular testing or vaccination, the European Union wants to put an end to the current border controls. (For more information on the EU’s plans, click on the hyperlink.) 

Travel insurance? No problem.

Of course, the insurance companies have long since adapted their packages to the current COVID-19 pandemic and offer a lot of cover should you not be able to travel, for example due to illness. Together with our partner HanseMerkur, we offer you the perfect package for a safe and worry-free trip. (More about this soon here in our blog!) 

What makes a boat trip safer than a hotel holiday?

The conditions for a safe holiday could hardly be better than on a boat. You choose the crew you want to travel with yourself and can spend your holiday almost isolated on a boat chartered by BOATICO. While in a hotel you must share the pool with countless people, you can head for a secluded bay with your boat, which then becomes your own pool. Whether you go ashore to a restaurant in the harbour to eat or prefer to cook yourself – the choice is entirely up to you.

What is likely to change?

The days of overcrowded cruise ships and crowded hotel pools, where you are lying lounger to lounger. Going on holiday and travelling is what we all want. After more than a year of the pandemic, you might think that most people are running out of steam. But not at BOATICO, because we are bringing a breath of fresh air into the sails with a concept that is intended to facilitate safe travel in uncertain times. You are probably asking yourself how this is supposed to work. It’s very simple! Take a suitable boat, the right people, with whom you feel comfortable and enjoy spending time. We take care of the all-round feel-good effect and you enjoy your holiday.

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