Get on board with us and learn everything about sailing and “La vida loca” in diverse Spain! 

Spain’s sailing areas are as diverse as the country itself. The extremely stable weather conditions make the coasts of the Iberian Peninsula a very popular destination. Visit the beautiful Balearic Islands or the picturesque Costa Brava!

In this article, you can expect:

  • Sailing areas and levels of difficulty
  • Weather and sailing seasons
  • The Marinas
  • Nature
  • Cities and culture
  • Spanish cuisine

Sailing areas and levels of difficulty

The coast of Spain can be simplified into four sailing areas: Barcelona (Costa Brava), Valencia, Alicante (Costa Blanca) and Malaga. In the heart of the Mediterranean are the Balearic Islands, which have 150 islands in addition to the main islands of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza. The Canary Islands are located west of the African coast in the North Atlantic. Especially the Spanish coastal areas and the Balearic Islands are ideal for beginners or less experienced sailors. Here you will find modern infrastructure, navigation is very easy and the good weather will automatically put a smile on your face. The short distances and safe anchorages are perfect for family vacations. If you are looking for a challenge, we can suggest the areas around the Canary Islands. Here the sailing conditions are more difficult and therefore only recommended for very experienced sailors.


The Spanish coast and the Balearic Islands are known for their warm and stable weather. It is not for nothing that the peninsula in the south of Europe is one of the most sought-after destinations. The average air temperature is 30 – 35°C and the water temperature reaches about 24°C°. If you dare to cross the strait in Gibraltar, you can expect somewhat cooler water temperatures in the Pacific.  In high summer it can get up to 40°C in the coastal areas. The Tramontana winds usually blow extremely moderately and do not offer any major challenges. In these regions, the Mistral usually only shows up in the form of a breeze. The Canary Islands, on the other hand, have a subtropical climate (practically always summer) and very strong winds. The northeast Passat wind can test even experienced sailors here.


Spain’s numerous marinas are very modern and perfectly equipped. A big advantage in Spain is certainly the easy accessibility. It is very easy to travel by plane to all the cities mentioned above. However, these conditions have their price. Compared to sailing areas in other countries in the Mediterranean Sea the prices in Spain are quite higher. Spanish yacht charters usually rent their ships all year round. The marinas and cities are sometimes a bit crowded in high summer, so we recommend sailing in the low season. 


The Costa Brava in the northeast offers an impressive variety of nature. In addition to exciting cliffs, lonely sandy beaches and bays, which can often only be reached from the sea, await you here. Here, vacation mood is pre-planned. The orange groves of Valencia, the turquoise waters of the Balearic Islands, or the extraterrestrial volcanic landscape of the Canary Islands offer an enormous variety that will impress any nature lover.

Cities and Culture

The medieval architecture and cultural treasures of the major Spanish cities along the coast are breathtaking. The city of arts and sciences, Valencia, is definitely worth a trip. Here too, the diversity of Spain is reflected. Several museums, theaters and monuments are just waiting to be explored by you! The cathedral of Palma de Mallorca, the enchanting villas on Ibiza, as well as the countless bars and coffees of each town make your vacation perfect. Of course, “la comida”, i.e. the food, as well as “la fiesta” must not be neglected in Spain.

The Spanish cuisine

Spanish cuisine is distinguished by its special character. The dishes are intense and delicious. Because of the summer heat, there is often more thirst than hunger, the first thing you need is a fruity, cold Sangria or a Vino Tinto. Against hunger, we strongly recommend you to eat your way through the tapas menu! Very many dishes are shared at the table, for example, the paella (rice stew) with seafood or meat. The tortilla, a cold potato omelet, is also very popular. As a treat for the palate, the Crema Catalana is a must. Both, the dishes and the bill are usually shared at the table in Spain.

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