Finally the well-deserved vacation is upon you. You have decided to try something new this year and have booked a catamaran with friends at Boatico. But now that it’s getting serious, some questions come up. Don’t worry, we have some important tips and tricks for you so that you can enjoy your boating vacation smoothly.

What to expect in this post:

  • Important information before you start your trip
  • Boat check-in
  • Tips and tricks for sailing in Europe

What do I need to know before starting my sailing trip?

First, we would like to share with you some general information regardless of the country you are traveling to. We have already made a detailed packing list for you. Please read it carefully a few weeks before departure and make sure you have all these things with you when you arrive and depart. Especially the section “Documents & Means of Payment” is extremely important. In addition, due to the current Covid19 situation, we recommend that you carry a valid, negative PCR test certificate with you in all cases. a Please als check the current entry and exit regulations for your destination country. Do you need a visa or vaccination?  Of course also inform yourself about the current Corona situation. You can as well find out more about traveling in times of Corona in our blog post about Corona safe travel.

Arrived at the marina, now what?

Basically, checking in at the marina is no different than checking in at a hotel. You go to the boat operator and show your passport, and if you are a skipper yourself, your skipper’s license as well. You will also have to pay a deposit for the boat. This deposit will be 100% refunded to you if you handle the boat properly during your trip. Afterwards the boat takeover takes place. For this purpose, a checklist will be worked through together with a responsible staff member. If you notice any deficiencies on board, please report them directly. Take your time to check off the list. In this case, it is better to be safe than sorry. The same applies to check-out.

What should be considered when sailing in the individual countries?

It is important that you gather all sailing information such as weather, navigation or sailing routes, regardless of the country, in advance. On our website you will find practical links for this purpose. Here in this blog post we want to give you more useful tips about routes in Europe. Of course, to be able to sail by yourself, you need an international sailing license. You don’t have one of those? No problem, we also offer boats with skipper. Just select the option “with skipper” when booking.

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