Dream beaches, secret bays and Pasta della Mamma? Read more about the sailing areas in Italy and what awaits you there.

Italy enchants with extraordinary nature experiences, charming cities and lots of culture. Many anchorages in the bays and numerous, well-organized marinas lay the foundation for your unforgettable summer vacation on the boat. To ensure that this can happen without any big surprises, read more about the sailing areas in Italy here.

In this article you can expect:

  • Sailing areas and difficulty level
  • Weather and sailing season
  • The marinas
  • Nature
  • Cities and culture

Sailing areas and degree of difficulty

Italy has a variety of attractive sailing areas to offer. From northwest to southeast, the Italian coast is divided into Liguria, Tuscany, Amalfi and Calabria. In addition, there are the sailing areas around the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Most of the sailing areas around Italy are well suited for less experienced sailors, only the area around Sardinia is a bit more demanding and not suitable for beginners. In the summer months the weather is warm and stable – perfect for families with children. It is important to pay attention to the tides and beware of dangerous rocks. You can also get ideas from our suggested itineraries on the BOATICO website.

Weather and travel season

Italy offers a Mediterranean climate. The sailing season runs from May to October. During the summer months, air temperatures are around 30°C and the water is pleasantly warm. The prevailing winds are the Mistral from the northwest and the Scirocco from the southeast, with a speed of three to four Beaufort. In any case, it is recommended to follow closely the weather forecasts on the spot, because sudden gusts of wind can occur.

The Marinas

Italy has quite a few marinas to offer. The marinas here are well equipped, but quite expensive due to the popularity of the area. Especially in August the prices increase. Therefore, we recommend avoiding this time. The places are overcrowded and there is a shortage of boat places. Convenient access by plane makes Italy a very popular sailing destination. You will need a boat license, but no radio license.


Italy offers a wide range of nature experiences. Sardinia spoils with pristine white sand beaches, islands and caves. Large national parks on the Tuscan coast, Elba and La Maddalena provide beautiful landscapes and bathing fun. You will encounter natural wonders such as the volcanic formations and black beaches on the Lipari Islands, or the still active volcano Etna in Sicily. But you should also not miss the thermal springs in Ischia or the Grotta Azzurra in Capri.

Cities and culture

Culturally, the country has a lot to offer. In Italy you will find an incredible variety of archaeological monuments. Practically everywhere you can admire architecture, sculptures and art from the time of the Roman Empire.

Right on the coast there are cultural cities such as Genoa, La Spezia and Naples. A must see are the remains of Pompeii – one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the world. The villas on the island of Capri and Palermo in Sicily inspire amazement.

But also the world-famous Italian cuisine is part of the culture here. It consists of tasty, often simply prepared dishes that practically everyone knows and loves: bruschetta with pesto, stone-baked pizza or freshly prepared pasta, polenta with vegetables, risotto or gnocchi. Fish specialties and juicy braised meats ensure culinary delights. And as a dessert: tiramisu with Espresso Italiano. Great white wines, Aperol Spritz or Limoncello build the perfect end.

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