The Croatian island landscape is considered one of the most beautiful sailing areas in the world and is properly called the “Caribbean of Europe”. Over 1000 islands and well organized marinas offer endless possibilities for the perfect sailing vacation. Learn more about sailing areas in Croatia here.

In this article you can expect:

  • Sailing areas and difficulty level
  • Weather and sailing season
  • The marinas
  • Country and people

Sailing areas and degree of difficulty

Along the approximately 1000 kilometers of coastline between Rijeka and Dubrovnik there are 1185 islands of various sizes with many beautiful bays. The Croatian waters can be divided into the following areas: Istria and Kvarner, North Dalmatia, Central Dalmatia and South Dalmatia. The sailing routes are short and always with good views. Summer weather and sailing conditions are excellent, so Croatia is perfect for sailing beginners. Also for families, Croatia is the optimal destination for a boating vacation with the children. Get inspiration for your itinerary also on our BOATICO website.

Weather and sailing season

The sailing season lasts from May to October. In the summer months the air temperature is between 25 – 35 °C and the water temperature is around 23 – 27 °C. Rain is very rare throughout the seasons. Unfortunately, doldrums cannot be ruled out during this period. It is advisable to be constantly informed about the regional winds. This way you can be warned in time about the “bora”, a strong northeasterly wind with violent gusts. July and August are the most touristic months. If you want to avoid them, we recommend planning your trip for June or September.

The marinas

The numerous ACI marinas are spread all over Croatia. They are well organized and very clean. Filling up with water is not a problem here. Note that each night in a marina base must be paid for, depending on the size of the boat and the location. Unfortunately, prices have risen noticeably in recent years.

Country and people

In Croatia you can expect numerous nature reserves with untouched landscapes. You can easily anchor in a quiet bay and enjoy the stars’ clear night. The water is wonderfully warm and perfect for swimming from mid-June to mid-September. As you sail from Pula to Dubrovnik, the landscape changes from rocky and dry to very green and lush.

But Croatia also has a lot to offer for culture enthusiasts. City trips are a necessity. Unforgettable atmosphere and cultural treasures can be found in Split, Zadar, Rab, Scradin or Dubrovnik, among others. For nightlife and parties we recommend Hvar, Vis or Korčula.

The people in Croatia are very friendly and open-minded. Almost everywhere you will find good shopping and great small restaurants. Croatian cuisine includes grilled meat, fish and seafood dishes, fresh salads, and hearty soups and stews (peka). Bacon, cheese and ham are served cold with local wine (malvasia). Prices in the restaurants (konoba) are European.

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