Greece presents itself with a picturesque coastline, 2000 larger, delightful islands and hospitality like you can only find in a book. Admire the treasures of ancient Greek culture or just enjoy the wonderful rustic nature of this beautiful country!

In this post you can expect:

  • Sailing areas
  • Sailing experience
  • Weather and sailing season
  • The Marinas
  • Country and people
  • Cities and culture
  • Cuisine

Sailing areas

The coast of Greece can be roughly divided into the following sailing areas: Ionian Sea, Saronic Gulf, Northern Sporades, Aegean Sea, Cyclades, Southern Sporades, Dodecanese and Crete. Here you can find everything from beginners to experienced sailors. The Greek archipelago includes more than 6,000 islands and islets, of which only 227 are inhabited. If you are looking for a place to relax far away from the masses, you will find it in Greece!

Sailing experience

Greece offers unforgettable experiences for enthusiasts with very different sailing experiences. The Ionian Sea is a low-wind area – ideal for less experienced and families with children. The Saronic Gulf is protected from strong winds and perfect for cruising. In contrast, the Cyclades and Dodecanese are dominated by strong Meltemi winds and offer plenty of challenges for the sporty sailing crew.


Greece has a Mediterranean climate and the sailing season takes place from April to October. The air temperature in the summer months is between 24°C and 32°C and the water temperature between 16°C and 23°C. Thermal winds arise near the coast: a sea wind during the day and land wind at night. Typical of the Aegean and the Cyclades is the Meltemi, a mostly 3-6 Bft strong north wind. In July and August the Meltemi can suddenly reach 8 Bft. and together with larger swell cause dangerous situations.


The mooring fees in the few marinas are significantly cheaper than everywhere else in Europe. Port fees are sometimes not charged at all. On the smaller islands you are on your own when you park. If there is water on the marine base, you can fill up after consultation, rarely you pay for it.

Country and people

Everywhere on the Greek islands or on the mainland you will find idyllic harbors, crystal clear water and hospitable people. Especially the partly still untouched nature amazes many guests. The beautiful bays, small towns and fishing villages are a feast for the eyes. Once in the harbor, several charming cafes and restaurants invite you to linger and stroll. And remember, ouzo is always a good idea!

Cities and Culture

Logically, there is also an enormous amount to see culturally in Greece. However, the remains of the ancient Greek culture still give you an idea of the splendor of this region in ancient times. Interestingly, these can be found not only in the big cities like Athens or Thessaloniki, where you could start your trip, but also on far away, very small islands. You can find a taste of world famous archaic architecture and cultural treasures here: Athens, Thessaloniki, Corfu, Chios, Lesbos, Rodos, Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Ioannina and many more.


There are good possibilities for the supply of food almost everywhere. The Mediterranean Greek cuisine is often described as excellent. Meals start with many different appetizers and fresh Greek salad with feta cheese and olive oil. Main courses consist largely of grilled fish and meat (lamb). Always make sure to grab gyros to go. Desserts are of oriental origin and are sold in the “Zaharoplasteo”, kind of a bakery-confectionery.

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