If you are a beginner and wonder if sailing will fit you, check the 7 most important reasons to book a yacht with us. Why believe it? Because the written bellow is based on 20 years of personal sailing experience and the valuable feedback of our customers.

1. Sailing will free your body and mind

When sailing you are really free! Free to move wherever you like, do whatever you desire and spend time with the people you have chosen. 7 sailing days are 7 different adventures. You will be the one to freely decide to relax, to party or to explore. The positive vibes of your family and friends will nurture your body and soul.

2. A vacation in the middle of pure nature

The next great benefit is the fact that you will be in the middle of wild nature. The energy of a night spent under the stars is incredible. Even a plane pasta, served outside on deck will be more delicious than ever. The splashing water will lull you to sleep, the sun will wake you up. You will be close to turquoise waters, ready to jump in whenever you like. Sailing through nature parks and wild reserves or exploring caves and hiking on unknown islands will be your everyday life.

3. Your boat is a private island, away from mass tourism 

Chartering a yacht is the opposite of booking a hotel room. Aside from mass tourism or hotel complexes, in a secure private space you will enjoy a valuable time with your dear ones. The quiet moments and absolute privacy are benefits that people learned to value a lot in past few years. Especially in recent times, after the Covid wave, sailing has got even more popular as a safe vacation opportunity. Find out more about our Covid & Safety rules.

4. Sailing is safe and will be adjusted to your needs

We have good news for the ones, who doubt about the safety. A sailing week can be spent in a lot of different ways – you are the one to decide which way! This type of vacation can be pure relaxation, a retreat, an adventure, pure party or a very sporty experience. It will be adjusted to your expectations and nothing will happen if you don’t want it to. Safety is the very first rule on board and the skipper will take care of it. Here you’ll find out more about your Skipper’s duties.

5. Sailing is healthy for you and your family

Sailing is a real health booster. You will tank energy from the sun, the salt water, the fresh air and the great sleep you’ll get. Add to it delicious healthy food and the positive vibes – you have the perfect match. Especially for families with kids this adventure is the highlight of the year. After all the water splashes, hikes and games your kids will be for sure happy and healthy.

6. Sail to explore local life and culture

A sailing trip will bring you to places you would never get to without a boat. With every next stop at a different place you’ll meet the natives, their local life, local food and learn about it. Exploring history, culture and the local highlights is for sure one of the most important benefits of a sailing week. You will also be able to support local small businesses, fishermen and restaurants.

7. Sailing is the future of eco-friendly tourism

Sailing is for sure the most eco-friendly way of vacationing. Back to basics! Getting by with little is the best thing you can do for our planet today. On a sailing boat or a catamaran you’ll use almost no electricity, the minimum of water, and a minimum of diesel. The production of garbage and waste of valuable resources is reduced to the minimum.

Boatico understands your worries and needs. We are here to help!

Based on our 20 years of sailing experience and the valuable feedback from our customers, we know exactly what your struggles are. Do not worry!Boatico will keep you safe throughout the whole process. From the chartering contract & payment, through the booking of a skipper, up to the charter deposit, your itinerary and the weather forecast. 

Just feel free to ask and rely on the company with the friendliest customer support ever! Go ahead and Book your Dream Sailing Vacation with Boatico!