Learn more about our approved and documented itinerary in the Gulf of Fethiye. Rely on fresh and trustworthy information about yacht charters, marinas, food and supply in this Turkish sailing region.

  • Marinas and facilities in the Gulf of Fethiye
  • Yachtcharter fleets in Fethiye and Göcek
  • Sailing itinerary from Fethiye
  • Checked and trusted spots we recommend
  • Turkish food and hospitality
  • Telephone and internet connection
  • The best of sailing in the Gulf of Fethiye

Marinas and facilities in the Gulf of Fethiye 

Gulf of Fethiye


The Marinas in Fethiye

ECE Marina Fethiye 

This is the biggest marine base in the middle of the bay. Most of our charter boats are located here. The Marina is super organized: An alley with charter offices, a Carrefour supermarket directly on the pier and very spacious and clean bathrooms. We highly recommend the restaurant Tamarind on the pier – the best if you are late on friday or have to wait longer on saturday. Don’t waste time looking in the city!

The Fethiye Port 

That’s where you’ll find the diesel station when coming back. Here is also the port for the Ferry. It is located to the east of ECE. To the far east – Marina Fethiye – the port for Gulets and day trip boats.

Yacht Classic Marina

This is a small new marina to the west of ECE. Strangely for us it is a part of a fancy hotel complex with a restaurant and pools directly in the Marina. The facility is open for the sailors checking-in and out. It’s not a bad idea when waiting for the boat to get ready. 

Marina Yes and Marina Imbat

Further to the west you’ll find two more small bases with few charter boats.

ECE Marina Fethiye  


The Marinas in Göcek

Marinas in Göcek

D-Marin Göcek 

The marina is located in the eastern part of the bay. It is the biggest marine base here. It is the one for the bigger motor yachts, but also for regular week charters. 

Göcek Mucev Marina 

This base is next to D-Marin, directly on the sea promenade, very close to the shops, restaurants and cafes. On the docks here – mainly sail boats and catamarans. The diesel station is directly in the middle of this marina.

Marinturk Village Port

This Marina is located in the middle of the bay – the one with the biggest Boatico fleet in Göcek. Next to it is located Marina Skopea.

Marinturk Göcek Exclusive Marina 

You will find this marine base in the far west part of the bay, next to the exit of Göcek. In this western part of the bay there are also several luxury private marinas and sailing clubs like Port Azure or Lime Beach Club.

The marine bases and facilities in Göcek are well organized and very clean. Here you are very close to a tourist-based town. All shops, cafes and restaurants are within walking distances.

   marina Göcek

Yachtcharter fleets in Fethiye and Göcek

Boatico offers a mixed fleet of more than 300 sailing boats, catamarans and motor yachts in the Gulf of Fethiye. 

The base crews on the Marinas in Göcek and Fethiye are friendly and professional. Even if we had some technical problems on the way – the support was there and the problems solved the same day. The base managers are trying hard to do their best and communicate in English clearly.

We offer 138 yacht charters in ECE Marina, Fethiye, waiting for you here to start an awesome sailing week. The fleet consists of brand new or a little older boats and catamarans in a good shape with moderate prices. Here you will have a bigger boat choice for your trip.

Check our 91 yachts in Marina Mucev, Göcek and plan your vacation in the green bay of Fethiye. Rely on good customer service and start your sailing trip here! Mark that Göcek is the nearest Marine Base to the Dalaman Airport and you would skip the 1,5h transfer to Fethiye.

Sailing itinerary from Fethiye

When checking a new destination we don’t recommend planning too much or hard sailing. The sailing route we chose is easy and with very short distances – perfect for beginners or first sailing attempt. In this protected bay you will feel really safe and sail without any stress. The gulf has moderate winds and a beautiful native nature. The water and landscapes are still untouched – we saw just a few hotels around. For the ones who want to sail more sporty or longer distances it will be enough to go out of the gulf for a fast sail and then stick back to the route. 

Our example of a Sailing itinerary in the Gulf of Fethiye is for one week – 7 sailing days and 6 nights in the wild or on a small restaurant pier. The very last 7. night has to be spent on the Marina, because of the “Return the boat on Friday, 17h” rule. 

Itinerary Fethiye

Checked and trusted spots we recommend

Cold water Bay

A Fresh water spring flows in the small bay. Yes, it is really cold! Quiet and relaxing spot with a nice family restaurant on the top of the hill.

cold water bay

Adaia Göcek

Unique marina, free mooring when consuming in the restaurant, free water refill, no wifi. The highlight was the floating supermarket, which docs here around midday. You can shop your food and drinks supply from it.

Yassica Adalari

The bays and surroundings in this island group are still wild and the water crystal clear. It is a pleasant and beautiful place for a swim and a cozy spot to stay overnight. 


This place is organized around a typical türkisch food restaurant. Even if the food was delicious, the spot had a slightly touristic touch. Docking is free, no water refill or Wifi.


If you are here just for a few hours, it is best to moor in the middle – Marina Mucev or Marina Village Port. Göcek is a small town with good restaurants and places to shop. After our sightseeing here, we strongly recommend the coffee & sweets palace called Vakko Patisserie on the main promenade. 

Turkish food and hospitality

Turkish Food

The local food is a general experience when sailing in Turkey. The food in the restaurants is very delicious and offers a huge variety of hearty meat dishes, fresh salads, veggies and seafood. Sensational sweets such as baklava, kataifi or fresh türkish delight is something one has to try for sure.

Supermarkets on ships and smaller boats

One of the big sensations here are the floating supermarkets. If you see the big ship of Migros docking nearby just jump in your dinghy and get your supply there. No additional fees for this service! The smaller Carrefour ships or private boats with food and drinks will literally stop next to you, offering their fresh supply too.


The hospitality we received and the delicious Turkish specialties made this trip really special. The people we met everywhere knew how to provide a great service and did this always with a smile on their faces.


Telephone and internet connection

Don’t forget! You are out of the EU and will have high roaming fees and bad / expensive internet connection. This can be a bad experience here if you are not well prepared. Check our Blog Internet Onboard, dedicated exactly to this issue.

The best of sailing in the Gulf of Fethiye

  • Beautiful wild nature, still untouched bays
  • Great Food and hospitality in the restaurants
  • A good level of yacht charter service and low marinas prices
  • Floating supermarkets – always nearby and ready to supply you with all you need

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