The sailing area of ​​the Seychelles is one of the most beautiful ones in the world and is suitable for sailing almost the whole year. The colorful tropical underwater world is a real paradise for divers and fishermen.

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  • Weather and sailing season
  • Marinas
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  • Nature
  • Land and people
  • Cuisine 
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Sailing areas and special features 

The Republic of the Seychelles lies in the western part of the Indian Ocean, but topographically, the islands belong to the African continent. The 115 larger islands are called „The Inner Islands“, the small coral islands and atolls „The Outer Islands“. The actual charter area is limited to the Inner Islands with their safe anchorages and pleasant sailing distances. Starting points are the three main islands Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. The Outer Islands can only be reached with a specially trained local skipper.

Weather and sailing season

Heavenly holiday temperatures prevail here: Air and water temperature are both around 30°C. Prepare to start the engine of your yacht or catamaran frequently, because of the lulls or days with less wind. Be prepare for a North-west wind from November to March and south-east wind from May to September. It is important to be careful with the reefs! The tidal range of approx. 1.3 m and the associated currents must be concerned while anchoring and swimming. In January and February you should avoid sailing in the Indian Ocean – it is almost impossible due to the heavy rains in this area.


The Marinas

The sailing bases are located on the main island of Mahé and the northeastern island of Praslin. We recommend you to take a lot of food supply on board as the food on the smaller islands is either very expensive or not available at all.

Our recommendations for your sailing route

Find our safe and enjoyable Seychelles sailing itineraries here.

Land and people

The beaches of the Seychelles with their bizarre granite rocks and crystal clear turquoise water are worldwide known for their exotic  beauty. Every beach is unique. Here you will find hidden bays, blue lagoons, fine sandy beaches and lush vegetation with the famous „Coco de Mer Palm“ which grows only on these Islands. The Seychelles are perfect for your relaxing recreation holiday; cultural attractions – rather less. Here you’ll be surrounded by fantastic flora and fauna. The main role in the attractions takes the Aldabra Giant Tortoise. The official languages ​​are French, English and the Seychelles Creole. Add to that the relaxed lifestyle and the incredible hospitality of the islanders and you got it all.



Creole cuisine combines the Asian with the African taste and mixes it all with exotic Orient flavors. Surrounded by water, it’s clear that fish and seafood is the base of all dishes. Rice, vegetables and fiery sauces are very common as a side dishes, as well as chutneys, sweet potatoes or cassava.

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