The Caribbean islands landscape is one of the most exotic sailing destinations in the west of the Atlantic Ocean. Beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear water, thermal lakes, waterfalls and breathtaking views. Wether you want to see the perfect beach or just chill on your boat at sea, in this country everyone finds recreation.

In this article you’ll read more about

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Geographical areas and sailing specifics

70 larger islands, countless atolls and coral reefs stretch between the southern tip of Miami and the coast of Venezuela. The sailing areas are divided into three regions: the Greater Antilles in the west (Cuba, Dominican Republic / Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico), the Lesser Antilles in the east and the Bahamas in the north. The Caribbean Sea is an ideal sailing area thanks to the constant Passat winds and warm, stable weather. Around the British Virgin Islands and the Bahamas you can find pleasant family cruising routes. The itineraries around Grenada are for more experienced sailors because of the waves and stronger winds, ideal for one-way trips to St. Vincent or St. Lucia. The sailing route from Guadeloupe to Barbados is a sharp upwind itinerary, a very sporty affair.

Weather and sailing season

The best time for your charter in the Caribbean is between February and May. The temperatures in this period have an average of 30°C air temperature and 27°C water temperature. The travel season for sailors generally lasts from January until May. The constant 4 to 6 Beaufort Northeast Passat offers the best sailing conditions. The Caribbean should be avoided from late June to December due to the risk of hurricanes.

The Marinas

Marsh Harbor is the best place to start your Bahamas trip. There are many boats to choose from and the marina has excellent facilities. The Marina Bas du Fort in Pointe-à-Pitre on Guadeloupe is a good starting point due to its central location and proximity to the international airport. Road Town Harbor is the best for a British Virgin Islands sailing trip. For a one-way trip from Grenada to St. Vincent you start from the port in St. George.


Best Itinerary

We are happy to share this safe and unforgettable Caribbean sailing itinerary with you!

Country and People

Very warm sea, beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear water and a large number of colorful fish while snorkeling at the coral reefs. The Lesser and Greater Antilles are of volcanic origin and overgrown with lush vegetation and jungle. Thermal lakes, waterfalls, inland lakes, plantations with bananas, papayas, avocados, mangos and coconut palms everywhere – quite a paradise!

An incomparable mix of cultures, colors and languages ​​awaits you in the Caribbean. The culture is influenced by African, Indian and French influences. More than 59 different languages ​​are spoken here, but the official ones ​​are Spanish and English. Music and dance form the daily life of the residents – this exuberant mood is inevitable. The „see-sighting” here includes also the swimming pigs of Exuma!



You have to prepare the trip very well and buy all necessities at the starting Marina, as there are rarely possibilities to do this on the way. Most of the Caribbean dishes are very spicy and sweet. Sweet potatoes, coconut, plantains, okra and beans often come in the pan, preferably combined with fish and seafood. A touch of India with rice, chutney and curry completes the flavors. Cooking with numerous hot chilies is a special feature of Caribbean cuisine. A must on every Caribbean Island are the world famous cocktails like Daiquiri, Mojito and Piña Colada.

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