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Information about sailing in Greece

Useful info about Greece

Greece has about 6,000 large and small islands to offer. The sailing areas are: Ionian Sea, Saronic Gulf, Northern Sporades, Aegean Sea, Cyclades, Southern Sporades, Dodecanese and Crete. The sailing season is from April to October


  • Areas suitable for all sailors (beginners to sport sailors)
  • Mediterranean climate
  • Low marina fees
  • Water refueling often free of charge
  • Variety of culture and landscapes
  • Wide choices of islands and bays

What to expect when sailing in Greece:

  • Ionian Sea: ideal for beginners and families due to light winds 
  • Saronic Gulf: perfect for cruising due to strong winds
  • Cyclades, Aegean and Dodecanese: due to strong Meltemi winds (3 to 6 Beaufort) suitable for sportive sailing crews 
  • 24°C to 32°C air temperature
  • 16°C to 23°C water temperature


Keep in mind that there is often no help with mooring on smaller islands. If you are a sport sailor, don't forget that the Meltemi can reach up to 8 Beaufort in July and August.